_as a young company we believe we should start as we mean to go on, to this end we are committed to doing things right by planet, worker and customer. 

here are some of our commitments:

materials: we will always provide full details of the material in our products and will only use materials that are free from harmful dyes and chemicals, focusing on the use of natural fabrics that you can wear again and again.

dyeing: we only use factories that have safe dyeing processes which protect the worker, the planet and you.

fair treatment of workers: we only work with manufacturers who treat workers fairly, we continually monitor this and are committed to helping workers in the clothing manufacturing industry.

plastic reduction and packaging: we use compostable and recyclable packaging for your order and use no plastic in our daily business processes. 

continual improvement: we will continually improve and build on our commitments to sustainability, working not only to reduce our impact but to have a net positive impact on the planet. we will post all progress updates to this page.

if you'd like to get in touch contact us on Instagram @sleeveless_official